• Top Grade 3/16" Aluminum
    • Laser Cut. TIG Welded
    • Black Powdercoat Finish
    • Form Fitting
    • Crash Bars NOT Required
    • Mounting Hardware included
    • Easy to install
    • Fits 2004-2011 and 2012-Present models (See options below)
  • Bracket Only

    To purchase the Tube and Bracket, please visit this Product Page.
    • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket.
    • Designed to replace stock DR650 tool kit. Will fit other models with a bit of ingenuity.
    • Mounting Holes 2″ apart. One hole is slotted.
    • Tool Tube is 3.5″dia x 12″
    The Tool Tubes are a stock item I purchase and remove the mounting brackets molded onto the tube for it’s original application. This leaves some sanding marks on one side of the tube. I recommend turning the marks to the inside where they won’t be seen.


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